Vision Insurance

Below is a list of insurance plans we currently accept. If your insurance is not listed, don’t worry! There are too many to list here so please call our billing department to see if we are a provider for your plan.

We believe in saving our patients money any way we can. That’s why we will also coordinate benefits between medical and routine to maximize your benefits!

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What is a routine eye exam?

A routine eye exam is defined by insurance companies as an office visit for the purpose of checking vision, screening for eye disease, and/or updating eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.

Routine eye exams produce a final diagnosis, like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Vision insurance plans provide coverage for routine exams, glasses and contact lenses, or at least provide some type of discounts on your doctor’s fees.

A routine eye exam is billed to your vision insurance plan. By law, Medicare does not pay for routine vision exams.

What are refraction fees?

A refraction is the part of an office visit that determines your eyeglass prescription. It typically involves questions like:

“Which is clearer – option one or option two?” as different lens combinations are shown to you.

Vision insurance policies generally cover both the eye exam and the refraction.

Medical Insurance will not cover the cost of the refraction.

What is a medical eye exam?

A medical eye exam produces a diagnosis, such as conjunctivitis, dry eye, glaucoma, or cataracts, to name a few.

Depending on your policy, your medical insurance may cover a medical exam, but not pay for the exam if it isa routine eye exam.

Examinations for medical eye care, assessment of an eye complaint, or to follow up on an existing medical condition are billed to your medical insurance plan.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Here at Pacific EyeCare, we offer a savings program to business owners that currently do not provide vision benefits to their employees. We understand just how expensive it can be as a small business to offer this, and we have a solution for you! It’s FREE, no cost to the employer OR the employee, and there’s no contract or obligations! If you are a small business owner, or you work for a small business where vision benefits are not offered, we would love to hear from you! Submit the form below for more information and our administrator will be in touch with you soon.

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